Monday, May 12, 2008

Rambling thoughts on training: Running Tired

This past weekend I had big training plans. Run 5 hrs. on Saturday and maybe run 2 -3 hrs. on Sudnay. It was to be a busy weekdn at the beach filled with house maintenance chores and quality family time. I knew this was going to be a challenge but a challenge that I would reap great fitness benefits.

Well 4 am Saturday morning came around and the alarm went off. Hit the snooze. At 4:15 it goes off again. Hit it again. When it went off at 4:30 the alarm neraby became one with the fishes. The 7 am am wake up call brigade (Emily and Amdanda) was much easier then getting up at soemthing-dark-30 to go running for 5 hrs. Before I knew it was in the midst of making breakfast and Elmo refereeing.

Call it lack of motivation, call it laziness. Whatever. I simply did not want to run on Saturday morning. It was a productive day one none-the-less with lots of chores being accomplished and the kids getting quality time with their aunts and grandparents. I managed to squeak in a 3 hr. run in the afternoon and felt strong.

Mother's Day started off great. Family time in the morning followed by completing household chores in the afternoon. Tired from Saturday's run but wanted to get in another 2 - 3 hr. run. Not to be had.

In past years I have run on 'tired' legs as I thought it was good training for ultra's. A bit older now (and maybe a little more wiser!). I avoid the 'back to back' long runs. I simply do not like running tired and would rather take a day off, rest up and run strong at the next long run. Rest is best!


WynnMan said...

Good call Joe. No sense beating a dead horse dead. I too hate running on heavy legs. I would rather rest or do easy runs until my legs feel zippy and return to speed work.

Anonymous said...

Joe, that post perfectly captures the way I've felt and trained lately... getting up at 4 am and doing back to back long days are getting harder and harder to do. At least we still love to run!

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

So I guess that means no long run on June 6th? Ah, I suspected you would not let win again so easily. See you in 9 days!

Karver said...

Hey Joe, Eric Karver here, long time no talk. I couldn't find your email so I'm posting here. I see you've kept up the crazy running schedule since our days and nights of bottomless lager pints in London. Send me your email so we can catch up-