Tuesday, May 6, 2008

From 30,000'...

'Window seat please'. I almost always make this request when flying. As I travel for my job I have the opportunity to see and experience new cities across the U.S. Flying today is anything but a the pleasurable 'jet-setter' experience it was portrayed as 30 years ago. Longs lines, lost luggage and flight delays are the norm. Despite travel inconveniences and grievances I am still fascinated by flight. I love the window seat. I can stare out the window for hours, looking at the earth below, the rivers and lakes, mountain tops and plains. It's all fascinating. Who needs a movie when there is endless eye candy below?


Chisholm Deupree said...

me and you both ! Just don't tease me with a seat over the wing so I have to stare over my shoulderthe enitre flight .

Are you LT bound this year ? It could be a summer of stars ( 12 ) for you .

Joe Kulak said...


How goes it man? Hope all is well. How's your Dad doing?

All is well here. Unfortunately my streak is over this year as we are expeceting baby Kulak #3 8/12. What esle is on your agenda this yera? Good luck with your training.



Chisholm Deupree said...

no kids, badwater bound, maybe try my hand at pacing LT? What do you think?

Delighted for you and Kristen!